Hi There,

I am Dr. Nancy Li

I am an Educator, a Director of Product, and a YouTuber with big dreams. Recently, I started a new job as director of product.

I am obsessed with ballroom dancing, bachata 💃, and Chinese noodle soup. 😋

I didn't always have the audience, the network, the leadership opportunities... 

The Polygon app at work

Like Many of You...

I was just one of the international students who wanted to explore and gain experience in the US, and move back to our home country one day. 

Given I was an engineering Ph.D. and spoke broken English, I was always told to stay behind the desk and work on technical tasks. 

I would never know that I could eventually manage my own team of senior product managers. 

Currently, I am working from home, and dreaming of ways I can help engineers and international professionals become product managers and business leaders

Yeah, you know what lights me up? Making engineers and international professionals feel empowered, confident and supported to reach their full leadership potential. Many soft skills at work are not taught in school. If I can be that person that gets you a head start and helps you to be the next product manager, Director, VP, and CEO, I call it mission accomplished!.

Journey To The West

& Fashion!

I went to a fashion design school in China. 

After 4 years college, I decided to apply for Masters and Ph.D. program in the US and change my major to engineering...all without financial support from my family.

That was in the middle of 2008 recession and all the universities lost much of their funding! There were limited scholarship opportunities. I didn't know how I came up with such an ambitious goal...

Eventually, I got 5 offers at prestigious schools in the US, each with a full scholarship! I couldn't believe that received offers in Computer Science, Materials Science, and Environmental Engineering. 

I hopped on a plane and landed in Boston with $800 in my pocket to start a new journey.

The Polygon app at work

The Youngest Engineering Ph.D. Became Unemployed

I become one of the youngest engineering Ph.D.s at Boston University, published 14 papers, and was granted 2 patents. 

However, the job market was still bad in 2012 and 2013. I became unemployed as soon as I got my Ph.D... 

I started to change my job hunting strategy.

Through strategic networking, I landed three offers before my graduation commencement.

From Engineering To Director Of Product

When I started my career, people always put me in a pigeonhole. My coworkers frequently asked me to do the technical work and they gave the presentation.

I knew I could do more than just the technical work, but how could I get there?

I started to invest in myself. I took classes to hone my soft skills, and figured out how to sell myself into new positions. 

During COVID, I got three Director of Product offers.

But I found out, sadly, that People like me are not at the decision-making table. In my last company, I was the only female manager out of a 100-person team. 

This led to the birth of "Product Manager Interview Bootcamp"

... and my free webinar "how I got 4 product manager offers during the pandemic"