“Getting a PM job is just the first step, but...how can I keep my job and become the CPO or CEO? ”

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Alice Ou | Product Marketing Manager at Linkedin


Alice, currently Product Marketing Manager at Linkedin, she is also currently pursuing the MBA degree at Columbia Business School. Her skill is at the intersection of Product and Marketing. She previously worked for Uber, Tencent and also ran her startup focusing on helping gaming and social entertainment tech companies launch Go-To-Market strategy in NAMER and EMEA.  In her free time, she loves traveling, working out and reading. She had a passion to help aspiring candidates to excel at their interview and on-the-job success.


LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/alice-ou

Rate: $250/h

Topic :

1) MBA or Not?

2) Differences between Product Marketing, Product Management, Data Science, Research

3) Career Planning

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Sherry Wang | Product Manager at Microsoft


 Sherry Wang is a Senior Technical Product Manager with 11+ years of industry experience developing and launching mobile consumer devices and extended reality products including Facebook, Qualcomm, LeEco (mobile phone company), KDX (mixed reality startup), and USC.  Currently, she is a Senior Product/Program Manager at Microsoft.  Sherry had worked for FAANG companies, middle-sized company and start-ups before, shifted her career paths 4 times and landed each successfully.  During her spare time, Sherry operates the Gunpla Sherry Youtube channel for her hobby.  In her prior position,  she launched the first robotics test automation lab for Facebook flagship VR headsets that improved 20% product quality for over 2M users. Before joining Facebook, She helped a startup get into a mixed reality business by turning their glasses-free 3D display into an MR device with computer vision and machine learning solution. She also oversaw the global camera product lines and launched 2 mobile phones to market with 5M consumer impact.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/sherryzhiyangwang

Rate: $250/h 

Topic : 

1) career strategy - how to create your own career plan

2) how to manage ambiguity

3) how does a PM collaborate with cross-functional teams

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AI Pineda | Technical Product Manager at Facebook


I have a little over a decade of experience in developing and launching technology products.

I have had several product roles in my career and they all seem to fit in with my knack for machine learning. In my most recent role, I worked in a team that tries to understand how people move in a physical space, in big box retail stores. The team used a spatial analysis feature of computer vision technology to help create apps that can count people in a room, trace paths, understand dwell times in front of a retail display, and determine wait times in queues.

With the current speed of innovation, I stand by my choice of being a product manager and building exciting products with cutting edge technology that help address problems for consumers. I love finding simple, elegant solutions for complex, technical problems while motivating the team and driving business impact.

With product thinking and persistence you too can become a product manager.


Locale: Seattle, WA (Pacific Time Zone)
School: University of Cambridge
Credentials: MBA, Juris Doctor
Years of Experience: 12
Career Level: Senior
Trade: Product Management, Program Manager


LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/alpineda0

Rate: $250/h 

Topic : 

 1) Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning

2) Resume Review

3) Mock Interviews

4) Coursework

5) 30-60-90 Day 

6) FAANG Company Preparation

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