Offer Negotiation Service

  • Want to get the maximum compensation?
  • Feel like you deserve much better?
  • Being low-balled by your dream company?

Dr. Nancy Li provide customized offer negotiation services to help

you get the compensation and other benefits you want!

Annie Zhang

  • Material Scientist
  • Received a low-ball offer at first
  • Annie's final offer provides a 40% rise comparing to the previous one

I received an offer from a company I really wanted to work with, however, the initial offer made me sad. Dr. Nancy Li helped me to turn it up with her knowledge of people's operations, psychologies, and the right mindset and skills of negotiation and communication. With her consulting, my final offer provides a significant rise compared to my previous. Dr. Nancy Li was very responsive, trustable and always hold me up during the negotiation process. What's more is that I can apply the philosophy/skills to other situations when collaborating with people and vendors, etc! If you are not comfortable with your offer as me and do not know what to do and how, Nancy is definitely the right person who can help! The whole consulting process completely worth the time and money to obtain so much precious knowledge and skills that not only benefit once but also long terms. If I have the opportunity, I would like to learn more by attending her classes later.


Material Scientist


  • Received an offer from Amazon
  • BEFORE: Didn't know how to negotiate the offer and how much to ask for.
  • There were many red flags during the negotiation process
  • AFTER: In the end, with Nancy's consulting, Rissa received one of the largest offers from Amazon

Nancy is honestly invaluable — being able to agonize in front of a rational human being was incredibly helpful and clarifying. I didn't know how to negotiate and how much to ask for.  Nancy really helped maximize my amazon offer and improved my negotiation skills dramatically.


Amazon Product Manager

Anna Li

  • Scientist in Biotech Company in Boston
  • Participated in Nancy's Negotiation Workshop

Dr. Nancy is the most passionate, brave, intelligent woman I have ever met in my life, her story inspires me. In one of her negotiation workshop, she held my attention for the whole session. I learned a lot from her, also from the other attendees. Her workshop was based on abundant data and research, thoroughly organized with touching stories, interactive exercise and practical tips, which makes her workshop special and personal. You will not only learn negotiation skills from her workshop, but also you will gain a brand new understanding of people and mind on a deeper level, which will help you to achieve the success and happiness you want in your life.



Students speak highly of Nancy's negotiation workshops and coaching services!

Negotiation Service Pricing

How much is this customized negotiation service?

The first $5k gain is free, after that I charge 10% of the gain of total compensation.

For example, the first offer is $100k, with my help it goes to $120k, I will get 10%* (120-100-5) = $1.5k

I will not get more than $5k, meaning even if I help you negotiate a $100k gain, I will still get $5k

  • $5k Gain Guarantee
  • Pricing based on Results
  • Cap Price at $5k

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