Product Manager Interview Accelerator

How To Become A Product Manager During The Pandemic Even If You Have No PM Experience?

My proven strategies utilizes years of insider knowledge and strong referral network that help international professionals and engineers to become a product manager in the tech industry

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This is the Essential Bootcamp For You If....

  • You are determined to become a Product Manager
  • You don't know how to package your prior experience to meet the product manager requirements
  • You feel disadvantaged because you need H1-B sponsorship
  • You have been trying to apply for product manager jobs for months, but couldn't land an interview.
  • You don't know the behind-the-scenes recruiting process in tech companies
  • You need help to improve your resume and soft skills 

A Summary Of What We Offer In This Bootcamp

Why Do You Need This Bootcamp? & Why Is This The Greatest Time To Join?


Customized Solution To Package Your Product Manager Experience

Everyone's experience is unique and special. Dr. Nancy Li will evaluate your background and provide customized solution for YOU!  Many of her students have transitioned from engineers/business major no PM experience to a PM in tech industries. She knows how to package your prior experience to meet the PM requirements and you will develop a product portfolio to demonstrate your experience to employers 


Get A PM Interview Much Faster

Dr. Nancy Li got 4 product manager offers (3 of these are Director of Product offers) during COVID-19. She will teach you how to discover opportunities and get interviews much faster than your peers.


Unlimited Job Referrals

Dr. Nancy Li is the almuna of BU and MIT. As a Director of Product, she has a strong network of hiring managers and recruiters in the tech industry. She can pass your resume directly in front of hiring managers. She publishes several referral jobs every week, even if it's during the uncertain market environment.


Speak To The Heart of Hiring Managers

Dr. Nancy Li has interviewed more than 100 candidates as a hiring manager. She has seen tons of mistakes made by candidates. She will help you to nail the interview through 1:1 mock interviews.


Fewer and fewer companies sponsor H1B nowadays. Many international professionals can't reach their full potential because they are constrained by H1B. Dr. Nancy Li will got 4 offers with H1B sponsorship. She will teach you how to navigate the sensitive sponsorship topic.


Maximize Your Compensation

International professionals are frequently underpaid. Dr. Nancy Li has helped three of her clients to get 40% raise. She can negotiate a job offer on behalf of you.

48 Hours of Training That Lands You A Product Manager Job FAST!

18 Hours Classes + 10 Hours Private Coaching + 20 hours of Product Portfolio Building

+ Unlimited Job Referrals

Learn To Build A Product Portfolio From The Director of Product

20 hours of Real Product Management Experience makes you standout from thousands of candidates

*Below are product portfolios from bootcamp students

Learn The Killer Job Hunting Strategies In Small Group Classes

Module 1: Product Management Resume & H1B Issues & Networking Mastery

Module 2: Product Management Interview Questions & How to Sell Yourself

Module 3: What does a product manager do

Module 4: How to build an outstanding product portfolio

Module 5: Product Sense Cast Interview

Module 6: Execution/ Product Metrics Interview At FAANG companies

*LIFETIME access to group training recordings and materials

Plus These Customized Services

- 3 One-on-one Coaching Sessions

- Private Resume Review

- Product Mock Interviews

- Weekly Homework

- Lifetime Weekly LIVE Office Hour

- Product portfolio: Gain Real Product Experience

- Unlimited job referrals for 6 months

*Group training will be 1 module per week. It is a 3 hour live interactive small group training (up to 20 people). 

*Students will do exercises & homework during and after the training. 

Customize Your Experience

In Private Coaching Sessions

1:1 Resume & Mock Interview Sessions and Office Hours

Mock Interview

Resume Review

Product Portfolio Building

Customize Your Networking Scripts

Unlimited Job Referrals For 6 Months

Due to Nancy's extensive network, Hiring Managers and Recruiters frequently asked Nancy to recommend highly-qualified candidates.

She can pass your resume to the key decision makers who are in her network.

*Job referrals is based on the requests from the hiring managers and recruiters. Dr. Nancy Li will teach you how to get referrals on your own as well.


Take Things To The Next Level

Bonus No. 1

21 Sample Answers To

Must-Ask Interview Questions

  • Nancy's almost perfect answers to 21 must-ask PM interview questions
  • Product manager interview questions database - 60 questions
  • Sample answers to product manager interview questions
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Bonus No. 2

PM Tools and Framework

Most popular and effective PM tools and framework that lead you to success in your first PM job!

  • Product Metrics
  • Product Sense
  • Customer Persona
  • User Journey Map
  • Feature Prioritization
  • Go-to-market

Bonus No. 3

Weekly Q&A in Private Insider Club Slack Channel 

You will join other students where you can

  • Share networking opportunities
  • Attend weekly Q&A with Dr. Nancy Li
  • Check out the latest referral job openings 
  • Hot recruiting events
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Bonus No. 4

Networking Scripts

Step-by-step guide of how to get 5 referrals in a week

  • Information interview call scripts
  • LinkedIn outreach scripts 
  • Resume template
  • 30s elevator pitch template

Dr. Nancy has interviewed over 100+ candidates as a hiring manager. Her Students Got PM Offers From leading companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Jetzy, as soon as in just 2 weeks!

This Will Be The Most Effective Bootcamp You Have Attended!

Nancy’s Bootcamp is designed specifically for aspiring product managers like me, it contains lots of pm resume tips, pm skill sets, and so on. Before this bootcamp, I barely knew how to prepare for pm interviews and how to answer product questions. Nancy helped me a lot during the bootcamp. Now I can confidently answer those interview questions. I got many interview opportunities even during the pandemic and land a PM job with green card sponsorship!


Product Manager 

Nancy is honestly invaluable — being able to agonize in front of a rational human being was incredibly helpful and clarifying. She really helped maximize my amazon offer and improved my negotiation skills dramatically. With her help, I received one of the highest offers from Amazon!


Amazon Product Manager

Nancy helped me get my first internship in two weeks! Her networking strategies is SUPER helpful, something you cannot just learn out of yourself! I was struggling and sending out resumes everywhere on job websites without getting much response back. Meeting Nancy and joining her Bootcamp was the worthiest thing I did during the quarantine.

Anna Luo.

Data Analyst and Product Manager Intern

Get Your Money Back Within 14 Days If You Think This Isn't A Good Fit

A Note from Dr. Nancy Li...

“Opportunities are everywhere, if you know where to find them.”

I wish I had listened to this advice when I was just getting started with my job hunting journey during the last recession. When the 2008 recession hit, the jobs were pulled off the market faster than they were posted. When I became the youngest engineering Ph.D. at BU, I realized that I would soon become unemployed. Eventually I learned to use the networking and sales strategies to get 3 offers before I graduated.

My goal for you? After this bootcamp, will never again say the words, “I’m struggling because I don't know how I can get an interview” Stick with me . . . I’ll help you make this a reality.