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Even during the pandemic, my P.R.O.F.I.T. framework (which you'll learn in the LIVE class) helped students collectively land 100s of offers and accelerate the next phase of their careers...

Who is Dr.Nancy Li?

Dr. Nancy Li is a believer in infinite opportunities and the founder of the Product Manager Accelerator (PMA). She created the PMA to help students uncover their potential and gain confidence to land product manager offers at FAANG companies and unicorn tech startups.
Nancy has helped 100s of people grow into product managers and Directors of Product and earn up to $450k in salary. On average, students land job offers within 3 months as a result of implementing the PMA methodology!
Nancy is a powerhouse speaker who has been featured in Forbes and has graced the stages of Al World Conference, LiveWorx Conference, KubeCon, GLoW Women's Leadership Conference, Global Edge Week, and Edge Computing Expo.
She's been a Director of Product and has held many leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies. She was awarded LinkedIn China Female Leader Voice in 2021. Through her popular PM YouTube channeL, Nancy helps people transition from worker bees to product managers and business leaders and get paid top dollar.
Dr. Nancy Li is also a philanthropist whose mission is to bring entrepreneurship to underserved communities. She believes education is an equalizer.

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Product Manager, Meta

PMA coaches go above and beyond. The career development techniques can be used in my day-to-day work at Meta. Dr. Nancy also encourages her students to be more confident and proactive at work.

Jacqui T.

Technical Product Manager at American Express

Since starting in my role, I've been feeling quite confident, and I really attribute some of this to the training and knowledge I've acquired during my time in Nancy's accelerator. I got promoted with in 10 months into my new job and received the highest merit award in my company.

Eduardo C.

Senior Director of Product Marketing at Box

Nancy is an empathic coach who genuinely cares about her students, either fine tuning experienced product leaders or accelerating the learning curve for first-time product managers. I was impressed by Nancy’s pro-active style and openness to providing personalized advice.