One of The Best Strategies To Accelerate Your Career In 2021   

How I Got 4 Product Manager Offers In 60 Days Without Applying Online

My Proven 3-Step System For Leveraging "Tips and Tricks" for Effective PM Job Hunting and Helped My Students Get 6 Offers In A Week! Some Got Offers From Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, TikTok, and Uber

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Learn To Gain Product Experience From The Director of Product


  • How to get PM interview opportunities
  • What projects help with product experience
  • How to accelerate your career growth

In this masterclass




How To Write A Killer PM Resume 

Level up your application success rate by changing the way you think of how you should package your experiences 



Secrets of Getting 4 Product Manager Offers In 60 Days, 6 Offers in 7 Days, and PM Offers from Google, FB, Amazon, Microsoft, TikTok

Many candidates are very stressed out about the fact that companies freeze hiring during the pandemic. However, Dr. Nancy Li got 4 PM offers (in which 3 are Director of Product offers) during this period. Her students got 6 offers in a week. Some got offers from FAANG companies. What are the most effective ways to make people open doors for you?



How To Gain Product Manager Experience

Many people don't have related work experience for product manager jobs. What projects should you do to gain PM experience, where should you do it, and how should you present it?



How Does A Hiring Manager Decide Who To Hire? (and why not me)

As a Director of Product, Dr. Nancy Li has interviewed 100+ candidates. She knows the behind-the-scenes secrets of recruiting product manager talent. Want to know the secrets? Make sure to show up live to the masterclass.

Show Up LIVE To Get Exclusive Google and TikTok Referrals  ONLY For Webinar Attendees!

Companies Past Students Have Joined


  • BEFORE: Consultant at a Big 4 Consulting firm
  • Super busy schedule
  • AFTER: Became a Technical Product Manager at Amazon

“Nancy is a very knowledgeable mentor. She teaches only practical lessons in her course. She not only taught me how to best present myself in an interview (which later led to a full-time offer), but helped me to change my mindset and become a more confident person. She has tons of experience helping people from different backgrounds and has tailored answers to all your questions. The content in her course also helps me with my day to day work. I decided to take her Accelerator even after getting an offer just to learn more from her. I strongly recommend her course.”


  • Part-time MBA Student at Chicago Booth
  • Looking for product manager position
  • BEFORE: Started his job hunting journey 6 months ago with little progress
  • AFTER: Now Troy is ready to start his Product Manager career at Supernova that would like to offer him permanent residency sponsorship right away

“Nancy’s Accelerator is designed specifically for aspiring product managers like me, it contains lots of PM resume tips, PM skill sets, mock interviews, etc. Before this bootcamp, I barely knew how to prepare for pm interviews and how to answer product questions. Nancy helped me a lot during the bootcamp. I got many interview opportunities even during the pandemic and I can confidently answer those interview questions. Thanks to Nancy, now I'm ready to start a career in my dream company!”


  • Before: Head Product Marketing at a start-up company
  • Impact of the current pandemic
  • After: Senior Director of Product Marketing at Box

“Nancy is an empathic coach that genuinely cares about her students, either fine-tuning experienced product leaders or accelerating the learning curve for first-time product managers. I was impressed by Nancy’s pro-active style and openness to providing personalized advice. Besides, she is a fun colleague to be around in thought leadership webinars or product management videos. For those in search of a more meaningful position, I strongly suggest working with Nancy as your product management - competitive edge coach.”

This is a Must Attend If...

  • You are determined to be a Product Manager
  • You have been trying to apply for jobs extensively online for months, but couldn't land an interview.
  • You feel like you don't have the confidence, skills, and PM experience to become a product manager
  • You feel disadvantaged because you need H1-B sponsorship and you don't have much related work experience in the US.
  • You don't know what's wrong with your job hunting strategies, why you were rejected again and again.
  • You want to get FULLY up to speed on what’s working RIGHT NOW.

A Note from Dr. Nancy Li...


“Opportunities are everywhere, if you know where to find them.”

I wish I had listened to this advice when I was an immigrant with $800 to pursue my Ph.D. with zero connection and mentorship, I realized that working HARD never gets me anywhere. I need to invest in myself and learn the best strategies for working SMART!

If you’re willing to invest just 60 minutes to get fully up to speed on the most powerful “tips and tricks” job-hunting strategies during the uncertain market environment… even if you don't have product management experience, then I promise to reward your energy with only the latest and most effective strategies that will have you stand out from hundreds of candidates.

My goal for you? After this free masterclass, will never again say the words, “I’m so frustrated because I got rejected 100+ times” Stick with me . . . I’ll help you make this a reality.