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I help career-driven individuals transition from worker bee to product managers and business leaders while negotiating the compensation they deserve.

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How To Become A Product Manager with No Prior Experience

"Nancy helped me get my first internship in two weeks! Her networking strategies is SUPER helpful, something you cannot just learn out of yourself! I was struggling and sending out resumes everywhere on job websites without getting much response back. Meeting Nancy and joining her Bootcamp was the worthiest thing I did during the quarantine."


Anna Luo

Data Analyst and Product Manager Intern

"Nancy is amazing, She provides end-to-end coaching in finding a new job, something that we have been missing in Chicago Booth. She will tell you, why your resume does not receive a high response rate, how to fix it and what additional skills/certifications to receive. Nancy also has a huge network of hiring managers who she will refer you to and conduct mock interviews with you to prepare. I highly recommend her."


Olga Zadvornaya

Product Manager

Nancy is a very knowledgeable mentor. She teaches the most practical lessons in her course. She not only taught me how to best present myself in an interview (which later led to a full time offer), but helped me to change my mindset and become a more confident person. She has tons of experiences helping people from different backgrounds and has tailored answers to all your questions. The content in her course also helps me with my day to day work. I decided to take her bootcamp even after getting an offer just to learn more from her. I strongly recommend her course. 



Program Manager

Nancy’s Bootcamp is designed specifically for aspiring product managers like me, it contains lots of pm resume tips, pm skill sets, and so on. Before this bootcamp, I barely knew how to prepare for pm interviews and how to answer product questions. Nancy helped me a lot during the bootcamp. Now I can confidently answer those interview questions. I got many interview opportunities even during the pandemic and landed a PM job that sponsors my green card! 



Product Manager

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