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Zerlina Z.

Technical Product Manager, Amazon

Dr. Nancy is a very knowledgeable mentor. She teaches only practical lessons in her course. l decided to take her boot camp even after getting an offer just to learn more from her. l strongly recommend her course.

Sherry W.

Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

Dr. Nancy's program helped me identify my knowledge gaps, and eventually l got more interview opportunities with her networking tips. Her live group case study sessions were helpful too. In the end, l got an offer and compensation that exceeded my expectations.


David L.

Product Manager, Meta

During the PM Accelerator, l learned how to tell a compelling story, and was able to use the framework that makes it taught to deal with any type of case questions including product stance or product execution. Eventually l passed and got two offers from both Amazon and Meta. Thanks Nancy l believe that l could not achieve this without your help.

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Our students achieved an average salary increase of $70000 up to $450000/year


96% of our students landed a product offer after executing our strategies

Most FAANG offers

The only program that lands the most FAANG high-paying offers

13 - 110X

Our student's average return on investment is 13, up to 110X of the tuition

6 Offers in 90 days, up to

$800k salary

Learn real-life PM skills to succeed

Our tried and tested program has seen hundreds of students land their dream jobs. Find out how Dr. Nancy's unique PROFIT framework can help you and connect with our alumni who can give real-world advice and guidance.
With mock interviews, training modules, and live case studies, you can learn how to land your dream PM role.
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Land Your Dream PM Job In FAANG and Unicorn Startups

Are you looking to kickstart your career in Product Management but don’t have any experience? Have you been applying for roles with no success? Or are you interviewing for your dream jobs but failing to nail down an offer?
Product Manager Accelerator Pro helps its students land PM job offers in as little as 60 days, even with no experience, and no confidence. Through our program you’ll gain valuable PM skills, build a product portfolio, and learn the secrets to interview success.
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Grow Your Exclusive Globe Network

Join thousands of PM professionals in our PMA community. Learn from their experience, expertise and speak to them directly about your challenges to build on your product management foundation. Tap into their knowledge of FAANG and Unicorn companies whilst honing your PM skills. Collaborate with likeminded individuals who are ready to celebrate your achievements at every stage of your journey to PM.

Our Guarantee 


If you don't land an offer within 90 days of putting our strategy into practice, you'll receive unlimited coaching until you do. We're that confident that you'll land your dream offer, so there's no need to stress.

Why does it work?

Customized coaching

Bespoke teaching plans created so you can reach your goals no matter what your experience.

Global PM community

Learn valuable skills from our global PM community and communicate directly with professionals and FAANG mentors for advice.

Unlimited mock interviews

Practice interviews with PM professionals working at FAANG and Fortune 500 companies as much as you need.

Eight targeted modules

Learn FAANG company’s PM framework and skills through targeted modules that equip you with the skills you need.

Unlimited referrals

Be the first to find out about PM job openings across FAANG companies, unicorn start-ups and hi-tech companies.

Learn the P.R.O.F.I.T framework that helps students land multiple FAANG offers every single month and helps them negotiate $800k salaries, even with no experience, no tech degree and no confidence.

Meet your head coach


"Hello, I’m your head coach, Dr. Nancy Li. I arrived in the US with $800 in my pocket and a dream to become the CEO of Product. In just four years, I became one of the youngest Directors of Product rising through the ranks from an entry level PM role. With experience at Fortune 500 companies I want to teach you how to do the same. I can’t wait to meet you…"

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It’s time to invest in yourself


Glassdoor named product management as one of the top 10 jobs of 2022. With more than 18,000 job openings for this in-demand career, it’s time to invest in yourself and your career.

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