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I Have A New “What If” Question For You


What if you knew you could transition to a product manager without prior experience? What would you do?

Better yet, you could shoot for FAANG companies?


This is not a rhetorical question.

And this is not a drill.

Here are some people who asked themselves that same question, and leaped. They joined my Product Manager Accelerator program (which I’ll tell you about in a second) and made it happen.

Are you ready to meet them?

Al P.

  • Before: Giving up his dream of joining FAANG compaines. Spend thousands of dollars joining other programs, such as Product Gym, Thinkful, Exponent, etc.
  • Education: Master of Science, Doctor of Law
  • Year of experience: 14 years
  • After: Sr. TPM at Meta 

Nancy worked wonders with me...her accelerator program helped unlock interview talent that I thought I never had and landed me 5 offers, which led to my current position as a TPM at Facebook.  Her program helped me articulate sweet and crisp answers to the most difficult interview questions asked in the industry.  Her program was exactly what I needed...for many years now, I've settled for less and when I thought of giving up on getting a dream job at a Faang company, she armed me with knowledge, courage and strength to pull forward.  I am very pleased with the results of which I couldn't find from many similar programs out there.  The difference lies in the results.  Don't waste your money on other programs out there that just help you get interviews.  Use your resources on methodology that gets you the job and keep it.

Sowmya S.

  • Before: Struggled to find the right job, stuck within analyst roles.
  • After: 2 Product Management offers, more than 10 interviews includinga Product Director, in 3 weeks, while having a full-time job and being 6months pregnant.

The PM accelerator program was extremely helpful in communicating in PM speak. The modules focus on using the right language and strong PM-centric frameworks all of which helped me get noticed significantly more with recruiters, and strengthen my candidacy through rounds of interviews. Office-hours were super effective and helped practice those skills and framework more thoroughly. The alumni group is very supportive and help you with resources and suggestions throughout the job process. Dr. Nancy goes above and beyond to help, even whenever she could, while out on maternity leave! The networking tips also helped me be more confident while approaching other Product professionals and build a stronger network. In the end, you own your journey, but this program certainly can give you the push you need to succeed in your goals.