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  • Impact of the 2021 pandemic

  • Before: Head Product Marketing at a start-up company

  • After: Senior Director of Product Marketing at Constant Contact

"Nancy is an empathic coach that genuinely cares about her students, either fine-tuning experienced product leaders or accelerating the learning curve for first-time product managers. I was impressed by Nancy’s pro-active style and openness to providing personalized advice.

Besides, she is a fun colleague to be around in thought leadership webinars or product management videos.

For those in search of a more meaningful position, I strongly suggest working with Nancy as your product management - competitive edge coach."

Skye Tao

  • Before: A Food Science Master student
  • After: Product Manager at Baidu

Nancy’s Bootcamp is helpful during my PM job hunting process. I especially appreciate three parts that Nancy provided me: interview preparation, PM routine exposure, and confidence. First, she provided great tips for my resume and networking scripts. Her interview templates were extremely helpful for my interviews. Second, it is great to be systematically trained by a real product director and exposed to the PM job routines before stepping into this field. Lastly, she gave us great support and confidence during our job-hunting process. I highly recommend Nancy’s Bootcamp.

Genesis Smith

  • Before:Fresh Grad, no PM Experience, only Interpreter intern experience
  • After: APM offer in 2 months at Laerdal Labs (B-Line Medical)

Before Nancy's program, I was genuinely struggling with the PM job hunt. After I joined Nancy's program, within 8 weeks I was able to land an APM role in my target industry and target city. I would recommend Nancy's program to anyone who wants to break into product.


  • Before: Giving up his dream of joining FAANG companies. Spend thousands of dollars joining other programs, such as Product Gym, Thinkful, Exponent, etc.
  • After: 5 offers in 3 months and decided to join Facebook

Nancy worked wonders with me...her accelerator program helped unlock interview talent that I thought I never had and landed me 5 offers, which led to my current position as a TPM at Facebook.  Her program helped me articulate sweet and crisp answers to the most difficult interview questions asked in the industry.  Her program was exactly what I needed...for many years now, I've settled for less and when I thought of giving up on getting a dream job at a Faang company, she armed me with knowledge, courage and strength to pull forward.  I am very pleased with the results of which I couldn't find from many similar programs out there.  The difference lies in the results.  Don't waste your money on other programs out there that just help you get interviews.  Use your resources on methodology that gets you the job and keep it.


  • BEFORE: Consultant at a Big 4 Consulting firm
  • Super busy schedule
  • AFTER: Became a Technical Product Manager at Amazon

Nancy is a very knowledgeable mentor. She teaches only practical lessons in her course. She not only taught me how to best present myself in an interview (which later led to a full-time offer), but helped me to change my mindset and become a more confident person. She has tons of experience helping people from different backgrounds and has tailored answers to all your questions. The content in her course also helps me with my day to day work. I decided to take her boot camp even after getting an offer just to learn more from her. I strongly recommend her course.


  • Received an offer from Amazon
  • BEFORE: Didn't know how to negotiate the offer and how much to ask for.
  • There were many red flags during the negotiation process
  • AFTER: In the end, with Nancy's consulting, RC received one of the largest offers from Amazon

Nancy is honestly invaluable — being able to agonize in front of a rational human being was incredibly helpful and clarifying. She really helped maximize my amazon offer and improved my negotiation skills dramatically.

Sherry Wang

  • BEFORE: Tech lead
  • AFTER: Sr. PM offer from Microsoft

I attended the Product Manager Accelerator program this year. Dr. Nancy Li’s program is well structured, helped me identifying my knowledge gap, and eventually I got more interview opportunities with the networking tips. Her live group case study sessions were helpful too. It provided a chance to get inspired from your team mates. At the end, I got a Sr. PM offer from Microsoft and received the compensation that exceeded my expectations.


  • Before: Computer Science student
  • Computer Science internship experience
  • After: Received Product Manager offer from Microsoft

Nancy's course provides a good perspective on how to approach product management interviews as well as product management in practice. She is a very responsible tutor, and her one on ones are very helpful for setting career goals and strategies. The feedback she gives during mock interviews is very insightful as well.


  • Before: Data Scientist
  • After: Product Manager Offer at TikTok US office (TikTok only has 10+ PMs in the US)

Nancy's accelerator provided very comprehensive instruction on how to apply and interview for the PM position. I can immediately apply the framework and strategy learned from the course to many interviews, which greatly helped with my interview preparation. She is also a coach who goes above and beyond. Apart from teaching interview and career development techniques that can be used in day-to-day work, she also encourages her students to be more confident and proactive at work. 


  • Was confusing of career path
  • Before: MBA Marketing at Columbia University
  • After: Product Marketing Manager position at Linkedin

Nancy's accelerator has immensely helped me in my job search process. From getting more interviews to actually start thinking from the lens of a product manager, Nancy helped me improve my skills and thought process. Her networking ideologies were also great which helped me bag more referrals and land more interviews in top companies. Her constant support and motivation throughout the job hunting process is something I am sure no one will find it in any of the other accelerators that may exist! If you want to become a better PM and get more interviews and learn how to ace them then I strongly recommend this amazing accelerator!


  • Before: Systems engineer in a startup
  • After:  Product operations manager at Uber

I had been looking for opportunities in Product Management sphere for a few months before I came across Dr. Nancy’s accelerator program. Through this program and Dr Nancy’s guidance, I was able to completely transform and revamp my whole job search strategy (from Resume to Final offer negotiations). Thanks to this accelerator program and the cohort, I was able to achieve the “Product Market Fit” and land Product Operations Manager role in a tech giant. Looking forward to be part of the alumni group and helping future batches.


  • Before: Struggled to find the right job, stuck within analyst roles
  • After: 2 Product Management offers, more than 10 interviews including a Product Director, in 3 weeks, while having a full-time job and being 6 months pregnant

The PM accelerator program was extremely helpful in communicating in PM speak. The modules focus on using the right language and strong PM-centric frameworks all of which helped me get noticed significantly more with recruiters, and strengthen my candidacy through rounds of interviews. Office-hours were super effective and helped practice those skills and framework more thoroughly. The alumni group is very supportive and help you with resources and suggestions throughout the job process. Dr. Nancy goes above and beyond to help, even whenever she could, while out on maternity leave! The networking tips also helped me be more confident while approaching other Product professionals and build a stronger network. In the end, you own your journey, but this program certainly can give you the push you need to succeed in your goals.


  • Before: Data Analyst
  • After: Associate Product Manager offer from Bain

Nancy's Product Manager Accelerator is very informative and insightful. She helped me make a career transition from data analysis to product management. Her course covers the whole job-hunting process, from preparing resumes to negotiating salaries, which are designed thoughtfully and presented well. Nancy is also very responsible, passionate, and always willing to help whenever I have questions. I highly recommend this accelerator.' 


  • Before: Software Engineer
  • After:Product Manager at Veeva, got a PM offer with the first try!

Nancy is an amazing mentor. When I started transitioning into Product Management career, I got to learn a lot of valuable information through her on how to prepare a very concise resume, she has a huge database of questions which I tried to answer them using the frameworks she taught me. She is very good at coming up with new and efficient frameworks. Also, the live training she provides in answering behavioral, product sense, execution, metrics, strategy questions helped me a lot in not only preparing for the interview but also taught me how to become an efficient Product Manager. She has great examples from her career to boost your confidence. She is always available to answer your questions any time of the day, any career advice you need, how to negotiate for a better offer and also she has a very positive vibe in her. She is very patient in answering any kind of questions you have. I am even planning to come back to her in the future to advance my career and I highly recommend her mentorship.


  • Part-time MBA Student at Chicago Booth
  • Looking for product manager position
  • Before: Started his job hunting journey 6 months ago with little progress
  • After: Now Troy is ready to start his career in a company that would like to offer him permanent residency sponsorship right away

Nancy’s Bootcamp is designed specifically for aspiring product managers like me, it contains lots of PM resume tips, PM skill sets, mock interviews, etc. Before this bootcamp, I barely knew how to prepare for pm interviews and how to answer product questions. Nancy helped me a lot during the bootcamp. I got many interview opportunities even during the pandemic and I can confidently answer those interview questions. Thanks to Nancy, now I'm ready to start a career in my dream company!


  • Before: Computer Science student at Boston University
  • After: 5 Referrals in a week, APM final-round/ semi-final round interviews at Uber, Google, Apple, and more, Cofounder of ProductVision

Nancy is an amazing mentor. When I started transitioning into Product Management career, I got to learn a lot of valuable information through her on how to prepare a very concise resume, she has a huge database of questions which I tried to answer them using the frameworks she taught me. She is very good at coming up with new and efficient frameworks. Also, the live training she provides in answering behavioral, product sense, execution, metrics, strategy questions helped me a lot in not only preparing for the interview but also taught me how to become an efficient Product Manager. She has great examples from her career to boost your confidence. She is always available to answer your questions any time of the day, any career advice you need, how to negotiate for a better offer and also she has a very positive vibe in her. She is very patient in answering any kind of questions you have. I am even planning to come back to her in the future to advance my career and I highly recommend her mentorship.

Olga Zadvornaya

  • Business Analyst in Telecom Company for 10+ years
  • Chicago Booth EMBA Student
  • BEFORE: Always wanted to become a product manager but didn't know how to start
  • AFTER: She has successfully transitioned to PM

Nancy is amazing, She provides end-to-end coaching in finding a new job, something that we have been missing in Chicago Booth. She will tell you, why your resume does not receive a high response rate, how to fix it and what additional skills/certifications to receive. Nancy also has a huge network of hiring managers who she will refer you to and conduct mock interviews with you to prepare. I highly recommend her.

Anna Luo

  • Junior at Columbia University, majoring in Financial Engineering
  • No internship experience in the past
  • BEFORE: Sent out 40+ resumes during pandemic but only got 1 interview invitation
  • AFTER: 2 weeks after joining the bootcamp, Anna received her very first internship offer

Nancy helped me get my first internship in two weeks during the pandemic! Her networking strategies are SUPER helpful, something you cannot just learn out of yourself! I was struggling and sending out resumes everywhere on job websites without getting much response back. After 2 weeks of attending Nancy's bootcamp, I connected with my boss using Nancy's networking scripts and tips. Now I am the project manager in my company. Meeting Nancy and joining her Bootcamp was the worthiest thing I did during the quarantine.


  • BEFORE: UI/UX intern
  • Didn't know how to present herself in a confident way
  • Was afraid of asking for more
  • AFTER: Received return product design offer from her intern company
  • Start to negotiate H1B, green card, and promotion with her company

Nancy's bootcamp helps me become a better person with confidence, resilience, and self-awareness. The networking skills I learn here enable me to sell myself during chat and interviews, and build relationships with strangers.

Jackie Yang

  • Business Analyst on Wall Street
  • Joined Nancy's Negotiation Workshop for career development purposes
  • BEFORE: Jackie didn't know how to say NO to her coworkers
  • AFTER: Now she learned to stand up for herself.

I attended Dr. Nancy Li’s Negotiation Power workshop which I found amazingly informative and helpful. It impacted me with new ways of thinking and new points of view for the mindset change. I enjoyed meeting the new professionals with the common or different concerns and interests to discuss and share the new insight and ideas. If you are Yes person, this workshop can help you change your mindset to make you wise and smart not only in the job search, offer negotiations, but also in the life and other opportunity negotiations. With the powerful negotiation skill set, you will find that this can help you effectively build up your confidence and widen the opportunities for the overall personal and career development. The workshop is so worthwhile for the time and effort you invested to perfect yourself.

Alejandro Riddle

  • Before : 7 years in insurance industry
  • After: PM offer from top financial institution

I worked in the insurance industry for around 7 years, and I always felt that I wanted to go where I could create the biggest impact for our customers. I began looking into product management but didn’t know where to start. During my research I found Dr. Nancy Li’s PM Accelerator program, and although I looked at other PM programs, there was something special about Dr. Nancy. She seemed to really care about her students, and her students were landing PM jobs! I saw testimony after testimony, so I decided to give it a go. It has been one of the best decisions of my career. I was able to land my dream PM JOB!!! My life has change dramatically since then. I feel that I have my whole career in front of me, I feel motivated, and excited of where things are going. Some of the things I learned in Nancy’s PM Accelerator program:
1. How does my current role relate into a PM position?
2. What recruiters are looking for?
3. How to write my resume to get the PM interviews
4. How to kill a PM interview
What hiring mangers want to hear, and how to respond to tough questions?
5. Many high-level Product Management Cases, and many more things.
This is my personal experience, but if I could give advice to someone that wants to land their dream PM job it would be to get the program!

Annie Zhang

  • Material Scientist
  • Received a low-ball offer at first
  • Nancy helped her with offer negotiation
  • Annie's final offer provides a 40% rise comparing to the previous one

I received an offer from a company I really wanted to work with, however, the initial offer made me sad. Dr. Nancy Li helped me to turn it up with her knowledge of people's operations, psychologies, and the right mindset and skills of negotiation and communication. With her consulting, my final offer provides a significant rise compared to my previous. Dr. Nancy Li was very responsive, trustable and always hold me up during the negotiation process. What's more is that I can apply the philosophy/skills to other situations when collaborating with people and vendors, etc! If you are not comfortable with your offer as me and do not know what to do and how, Nancy is definitely the right person who can help! The whole consulting process completely worth the time and money to obtain so much precious knowledge and skills that not only benefit once but also long terms. If I have the opportunity, I would like to learn more by attending her classes later. 

Anna Li

  • Scientist in Biotech Company in Boston
  • Participated in Nancy's Negotiation Workshop

Dr. Nancy is the most passionate, brave, intelligent woman I have ever met in my life, her story inspires me. In one of her negotiation workshop, she held my attention for the whole session. I learned a lot from her, also from the other attendees. Her workshop was based on abundant data and research, thoroughly organized with touching stories, interactive exercise and practical tips, which makes her workshop special and personal. You will not only learn negotiation skills from her workshop, but also you will gain a brand new understanding of people and mind on a deeper level, which will help you to achieve the success and happiness you want in your life.


  • BEFORE: Designer
  • AFTER: PM at Tobii Dynavox

Nancy’s  accelerator has helped me a lot in my job search process. She helped me to transit from a business and design background to product management.  I learned a lot from her, especially, from how to prepare PM resume. She has been extremely patient with me and helped me to shape my resume to get more interviews.  I also found her mock interview section helped me the most through my job-hunting process. She offered the real-time feedback and helped you to avoid red flag answers for interview question. Overall, Nancy’s program is very informative and valuable, I highly recommend this accelerator!


  • BEFORE: Supply Chain Analyst at 3rd largest FMCG company
  • AFTER: Product Owner at Healthcare Education non-profit

Dr. Nancy’s accelerator program was the missing puzzle piece I needed in my journey to product. Her lessons are concise, strategic and cover recruiting from several essential aspects. She and her team gave me personal advice during my preparation period, and they support continuous improvement through their constant feedback. After seeing the results she helped others achieve, I joined this program and was able to attain a product offer in 4 months with no product experience and only a year of professional working experience. Dr. Nancy’s program also supports the development of current PMs seeking to advance their career & I’m excited to leverage those resources as well.


  • BEFORE: QA leadership position, and not sure how to transition to a product management career
  • AFTER: Product Manager at UHG

When I first decided that I wanted to move into product management, I was not sure how to position myself as someone who can transition into a PM role from QA. But Nancy helped me realize that I already had a lot of skills necessary to become a PM. There was an immediate shift in my mindset and I was confident to apply for jobs. Apart from Nancy’s guidance, the live product sense sessions and the resources she provided, one other thing that helped me was the community. Together we motivated each other and worked towards our goals. I am glad I found this program.

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