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Do you have the tools to thrive in this new economic climate? If you’re not sure, then that means no. You NEED to know how to adapt your career strategy in this changing market.

That’s exactly what I share every single month exclusively for members of my Inner Circle. 

Need motivation? I’ll motivate you. Need insights into the PM industry? I’ll share my knowledge. Need bespoke strategies to accelerate your career? I’ll teach you those strategies.

My Inner Circle will help you break through your challenges. It will set you apart from you PM competition. It will help you get ahead.


LIVE monthly trainings with me where I share my secrets to success

Why me?I moved to the US with $800 in my pocket with no resources, no family, and no connections. But I have survived and thrived through TWO challenging economic markets. The 2008 recession AND the 2020 pandemic. I landed multiple offers every time. Including Director of Product offers. I was one of the youngest, female Director of Product at my last company, before I decided to teach people how to do the same. 

Now I help hundreds of people just like you realize their potential and become the next Product Leaders. 

Don't believe me? Here's what others have said about me...

Soumya Suman

Cofounder of Product Vision, RPM at PTC

Nancy is an amazing mentor. When I started transitioning into Product Management career, I got to learn a lot of valuable information through her on how to prepare a very concise resume, she has a huge database of questions which I tried to answer them using the frameworks she taught me. She is very good at coming up with new and efficient frameworks. Also, the live training she provides in answering behavioral product sense, execution, metrics, strategy questions helped me a lot in not only preparing for the interview but also taught me how to become an efficient Product Manager. 

Jill Gao

Product Manager at FalconX

l am a senior product manager at a CRC Crypto start up. Before that, I worked in Morgan Stanley for several years as an Equity Registrator. I transitioned into Product Management because I like creative work an I'm passionate about technology.I didn't have any PM experience before and at the start of my job search, wasn't confdent about my experience because they were not relevant to product management. I am really happy that I chose this proqram because it helped me in so many different ways. Nancy helped me set a strategy to focus my job search on Fin-tech companies to leverage my existing experience. 

Ede Ephraim

Product Owner at Healthwise

Dr Nancy's accelerator program was the missing puzzle pieceI needed in my journey to product. Her lessons areconcise, strategic and cover recruiting from several essential aspects. She and her team gave me personal advice during my preparation period, and they support continuous improvement through their constant feedback. After seeingthe results she helped others achieve, l joined this program and was able to attain a product offer in 4 months with no product experience and only a year of professional working experience.

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Yes! I want to be part of Dr. Nancy Li’s Inner Circle And learn how to accelerate my PM career

This is for you if:

  • You want the most effective strategies to advance your PM career
  • You want to learn real-life FAANG-level PM skills
  • You want to know how to find mentors and sponsors to grow your career
  • You want to navigate complicated company politics
  • You want market insights that set you apart from your competition
  • You want motivation to reach higher levels of success
  • You want a coach that cares about your success
  • You want to thrive at every stage of your career
  • You want to make an impact and increase your income

Is an AI PM Career right for you: Wednesday 27 March at 9pm EST


Senior AI Product Manager at Weedmaps, Sam
Key takeaways:
  1. Demystify AI PM vs. Traditional PM (data, platform, etc..)
  2. Level Up: How to Build an AI skill set
  3. Identify PM Skill Gaps and take action 

How to build successful AI products from scratch: Wednesday 8 November at 12pm EST


Live discussion with Eva Agapaki, Founder and CEO at Hatch Labs.

AI is not rocket science. However, launching and sustaining successful AI products in this field needs advanced technical knowledge, industry expertise on complex product launches and entrepreneurial experience to adapt to the fast pace of research developments. Do you find yourself lost and unsure where to start? In this session, we will discuss how the recent generative AI developments have changed the Product Management field as well as core skills PMs should possess to stay competitive in this dynamically changing market.

We’ll discover how these AI developments shape the AI product lifecycle and what the key steps of AI product development are. Lastly, we will summarize key concepts of generative AI and how the success of generative AI products can be tied to the generative AI Product Flywheel to get you started on your AI PM journey!

*BONUS* Exclusive Q&A: 18 September at 2.15pm EST


Q&A with Sean Solme Kim, ex-Amazon and ex-TikTok Head of Product and currently President and Chief Product Officer at Kajabi.

Join us for a private discussion with Sean where you'll get the exclusive opportunity to ask him questions about his challenges, career, and any advice you'd like. Don't forget to listen in to our podcast with him before the Q&A.

*BONUS* Exclusive Q&A: 16 August @ 1pm EST


Q&A with Jonathan Bellack - Principal, Bellack Consulting
(former Senior Director of Product Management, Google)

Join us for a private discussion with Jonathan where you'll get the exclusive opportunity to ask him questions about his challenges, your career, and any advice you'd like. Don't forget to listen in to our podcast with him before the Q&A.

July's training topic: 27 July @ 1.30pm EST

How to use ChatGPT to write a personalized cover letter.

Key takeaways:
1. Get 10x more responses to your applications when you leverage ChatGPT to write your cover letter.

2. Learn Product Management keywords that will make your letter stand out from the crowd.

3. Save 100s of hours and see how you can use ChatGPT to personalize every letter to give yourself the advantage.

June's training topic: 22 June

Apple Vision Pro Product Design and Use Case Round Table Discussion Lead By Dr. Nancy Li(this is a group discussion, participants are encouraged to do research about the product and express their opinion of Apple Vision Pro)

Key takeaways:
1.Top use cases of Apple Vision Pro
2.What's Apple's true motivation for launching apple vision pro
3.What's Apple's Go-to-market strategy for Apple Vision Pro

*BONUS* April 26th Q&A


LIVE Q&A with Ari Paparo, ex-Google Director of Product

*BONUS* March 29th Q&A


LIVE Q&A with Rob Leathern - VP of Product - Google

March’s training topic


How to land your next job using ChatGPT! 

  • How to use AI to work FOR you, not REPLACE you
  • What type of interview questions you can leverage ChatGPT for, and which you shouldn't
  • How to 10X your job hunting opportunities using AI 

Everyone thinks ChatGPT is here to steal our jobs. I'm here to tell you that it can HELP you in your job, and in your job search process! Find out how to effectively use this technology to increase your opportunities - don't be left behind.


*BONUS* March 1st Q&A


LIVE Q&A with Lupin Campos: An Imposter To A Director of Growth Product Management

February’s training topic

Insider secrets: Job hunting strategies that deliver in a downturn market

  • How to get motivated if you’ve been laid off
  • The most effective way to look for jobs in a downturn market
  • How to identify and evaluate the next company you join so you can OWN and GROW your career 

I know a PM who was laid off from Google. Even he is finding it hard to land a job in this market. Competition is high, and good companies are harder to find. He reached out for my help. Now I’m sharing my secrets to success with you.


A private membership design with you in mind




I wanted to create a group of like-minded, passionate, determined individuals who are investing in themselves. 

Every training is designed with you in mind so not a single minute is wasted. 

You need someone who understands, cares, and had been through the same challenges as you to guide you throug the winter storm.

Whether you’re starting out in your PM career, or you’re pushing to reach Director of Product level, I’m here to guide you with bespoke strategies that will take you where you want to go. 

If you want strategies that actually work, this is for you. Don’t just keep trying your same old tactics. If they’re not working, you need to make a change. 

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Yes! I want to be part of Dr. Nancy Li’s Inner Circle And learn how to accelerate my PM career

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Yes! I want to be part of Dr. Nancy Li's Inner Circle and learn how to accelerate my PM career